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Boundary Surveys  Subdivision Mapping

This item of service includes residential boundary surveys as well as larger boundary surveys and subdivisions.


In order to create legal lots or parcels in Tennessee, subdivision mapping is required. The owner or developer needs to be awaware of the requirements in their area for minimum lot size and other restrictions above the mandated state laws. In all cases subdivisions with 5 or more parcels will require a tentative map and a final map. Subdivisions with fewer than 5 parcels will require a parcel map based on a boundary survey or in some cases from record data. Hinds Surveying, Inc. can provide tentative maps and final maps for large subdivisions and can provide parcel map services for smaller subdivisions. Our field to finish services will enable developers or owners contemplating a subdivision of their property to comply with local agency procedures in a timely and efficient manner.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are instrumental in achieving successful civil engineering, architectural and structural design elements for proposed improvements. Precise and accurate representations of existing structures and other existing site elements are critical to successful design and construction. Drainage of surface flow water across existing sites needs to be shown in detail sufficient enough to make determinations of runoff patterns and volume calculations. In any proposed development the first step to successful design is to have a complete and accurate topographic survey.


Hinds Surveying, Inc., provides superior topographic mapping of any site. High precision field techniques and automated office drafting enable maps to be prepared within tight time frames in an economical manner.

ALTA / ACSM Land & Title Survey

Whenever commercial properties sell or refinance, title companies and lenders will require a survey of the property in order to identify any defect and be able to insure the property.This survey will typically show topographical features as well as property lines and easements. The survey is often called a "disclosure survey" in that defects in the property will be identified and shown on the map. In addition, encroachments inside or outside the property will be shown and identified.

Sierra West Land Surveying, Inc. provides ALTA/ACSM surveys for any commercial project. Our understanding of boundary and property rights enables us to prepare accurate and informative surveys that will help in refinancing or sale of properties. In addition, we can help the client initially to decide what optional items may be required by the lender or title company. This will help save time needed to prepare the survey and can prove to be an economical advantage. facilisis gravida. Phasellus purus. Etiam Fusce ac est vitae purus varius tristique!

Client Benefits

   Field to finish boundary surveys. - Compliance with local agency requirements - High precision surveying and mapping.

   Coordination with agencies in map review process. - Preparation of supplemental documents as required.

   Accurate mapping of existing site. - High precision mapping of existing topographic features.

   Able to successfully design proposed improvements. - Able to comply with local agency requirements for development.

   Preparation of ALTA surveys in timeframes suited to closing dates. - Works closely with title companies and attorneys during review process of completed surveys. Can help client with optional survey items depending on the needs of the lender and buyer.